Hone Tuwhare – 1969, 1974

Come Rain Hail

The poet Hone Tuwhare (1922-2008) was the second person to enjoy an extended Burns Fellowship – a special Centennial Fellowship from June to October 1969, and a full year in 1974. In 1969, he wrote and revised poems that would become Come Rain Hail, published by The Bibliography Room in 1970. The classic poems 'Rain' (see also cabinet 18), 'Hotere' and 'Flood' were wrapped in the now familiar cover with its orange circle done by his friend Ralph Hotere. In 1974, Tuwhare continued to write poems, some of which appeared in Making a Fist of It, published in Dunedin by the Jackstraw Press in 1978. On display is the first edition of Come Rain Hail, and two poems from Making a Fist of It.

Hone Tuwhare, Come Rain Hail. Dunedin: The Bibliography Room, University of Otago, 1970. Brasch PR 9641 T8 C6; ___, Making a Fist of It. Poems & Short Stories. Dunedin: Jackstraw Press, 1978. General PR 9641 T8 M3.


Making a fist


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