Paula Boock – 1999

Excerpt Boydi Typescript

Out Walked Mel (1991; AIM Best First Book Award), Sasscat to Win (1993; Esther Glen Medal) and Dare Truth or Promise (1997; New Zealand Post Children's Book of the Year) are some of Paula Boock's publications in the field of junior fiction. She has also tackled scriptwriting, with success. One foray into adult fiction occurred during her six-month tenure as Burns Fellow in 1999. She started 'Boydi', a novel set in Dunedin in 1929, which was loosely based on her father's early life growing up between the wars in Kaikorai. An extract from what is a work in progress is displayed.

Paula Boock, Excerpt from 'Boydi' (working title). Typescript. 1999. Private Collection.


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