Noel Hilliard – 1971

Maori Women

When Noel Hilliard (1929-1997) arrived in Dunedin in 1971, he had already published Maori Girl (1960) and Power of Joy (1965). What to write was not a problem. He spent much of the year drafting out the third novel of a planned tetralogy. He gave it the working title 'And None Shall Doubt'; the publishers renamed it Maori Woman. It was published in 1974. The sequence ended with The Glory and the Dream, published in 1978. For those interested in Hilliard's output, and his intellectual influences, an excellent starting point is at the Hocken Collection, where his entire library is now housed.

Noel Hilliard, Maori Woman. London: Robert Hale & Co., 1974. General PR 9641 H5 M32.


pp66 - 67

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