Roger Hall – 1977-78

State of the Play

When Roger Hall applied for the Burns Fellowship in 1977, he noted in his application that very few Burns Fellows had been playwrights. As recorded in his Bums on Seats; The Backstage Story, he later received a telephone call from Professor Margaret Dalziel, who said: 'We'd like to offer you the Burns. Can you accept?' Hall's succinct reply: 'I could.' With numerous plays and short stories already published, Hall set to. In 1978, he applied successfully for another year and continued to write. In total, he completed two plays, a pantomime (Cinderella), and two radio series (Gliding On). He also finished Middle-Age Spread, his most successful play. Reflecting back on the opportunity, he felt the 'Burns Fellow had been wonderful.' It also made him realize how much he wanted to write full-time. He was offered a teaching fellowship for three years by the University and stayed on teaching drama until 1994.

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Middle Age spread

Bums on seats

Bums on Seats pp132-133

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