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Direct to Offer is the process used to appoint a chosen candidate without the need to publically advertise the vacancy. This has previously been described as an unadvertised appointment.

Direct to Offer is available for fixed term appointments of up to and including 12 months in duration.

The Direct to Offer vacancy is advertised only to those candidates you choose to share the vacancy with. A secure website link is generated and you email the link to the candidate(s). The vacancy is not viewable to the general public. The candidate(s) then apply via a short on-line application

Positions with a term of more than 12 months must be advertised. In exceptional circumstances you can request this be waived by Human Resources, at the time you want to appoint.

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Displaying the Vacancy

You need to complete a Direct to Offer Requisition. When completing the requisition you will be asked for advertising wording. Candidates will see this wording under the 'Description' area for the vacancy advertisement.

Insert the following advertisement wording in both the External and Internal sections, regardless of the status of your preferred candidate:

You are invited to apply for this position. Please click on the below 'Apply Online' button and you will be taken through a short application process. You will need to attach a current curriculum vitae and if relevant, please also attach a copy of your current work visa.

Note the vacancy will appear in the portals for five days, unless you choose a different timeframe.

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Contacting the Preferred Candidate

After you have posted the vacancy to the portals, use the form below to send an email to each candidate you wish to share the secure link with. It is assumed you will have already spoken to or communicated with the candidate(s).

The email wording is pre-set and will say:

Further to our recent communication, here is the link to apply for the vacancy. Please click on the appropriate link and you will be taken to the vacancy page. You can then apply on-line. You will need to attach a current curriculum vitae and if relevant, please also attach a copy of your current work visa."

Note there is a small delay of up to five minutes between posting the advertisement and the vacancy appearing in the portals.

To send an email to multiple candidates please enter "Candidates" in the Candidate Name field, and separate email addresses with commas (,). Each email will be sent individually using the to field. Candidates will not see who else has been invited to apply online.

Contacting the candidate