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Job Evaluation

The Job Evaluation process is in place to set salary levels of all Scale 1 Professional Staff positions and Management Band positions based on what is expected of the role. This process requires that all the requirements outlined under the Professional Staff Appointment Policy are met prior to submission of Job Descriptions for evaluation.

What is Job Evaluation?

Job Evaluation is a systematic method of assessing the relative sizes of jobs within an organisation by comparing a job, group of jobs with other jobs. Positions are measured in relation to each other, usually hierarchical and with related or comparable roles.

The assessment process uses a set of criteria to evaluate a position. The University Job Evaluation Criteria uses ten criteria:

Download the Job Evaluation Criteria document for more detail (PDF)

Which Job Descriptions need to be evaluated?

  • All new permanent Professional or Management positions
  • All new fixed-term Professional or Management positions (including secondments).
  • All existing permanent or fixed-term Professional or Management positions that are now vacant and under recruitment that have job descriptions that are two years or older. (i.e. were evaluated prior to July 2017) The job description will need to be updated to the current University template.
  • Positions arising from a Management of Change process.

If you are intending to recruit or offer a new fixed-term agreement, it is important to include the job evaluation in your planning timeframe. If you are unsure whether a position needs to be evaluated, please contact your Divisional HR support or use the contact details below

Completing a Job Evaluation Request

Timeframes for Job Evaluation requests

The Committee usually meets every two weeks (occasionally every three weeks) on a Wednesday. The agenda for the meeting closes on the previous Monday.

Download the Job Evaluation Committee meeting dates/agenda closing dates (PDF)

After the Committee meets, the outcomes are externally moderated to check for consistency before a decision is released. The final evaluation will normally be available in the week following the Committee meeting.

Please note: In some cases, the Committee may require further clarification or information, which can delay a decision. Therefore, it's very important to provide an up-to-date Job Description and the other required information.

The Job Evaluation Committee

The Job Evaluation Committee role is to use the job evaluation system to assess all Professional Staff positions. The Committee is made up of members from around the University.

Who to contact for Job Evaluation enquiries

Job Evaluation Committee Secretary

Ann-Marie Kelly
HR Adviser, Promotions & Remuneration
Tel +64 3 479 9263

Job Evaluation Committee Chair

Dan Wilson
HR Manager, Promotions & Remuneration
Tel +64 3 479 8092