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Please complete this form in order to request the use of University pool teaching facilities. Requests to waive hire fees can also be submitted through this form.

Fields marked with an * must be completed.

Personal information
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Details of your event
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Date and times for your event
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Audience and marketing details

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Event charges
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Event type
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Supporting document (optional)

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Do you wish to apply for a waiver of hire fees?

Waiver applications are subject to University criteria being applied to determine eligibility for a waiver of venue hire fees.

  1. Waiver of hire fees does not generally include costs associated with extra staffing and/or extra cleaning.
  2. Waiver of hire fees is not generally approved where admission is being charged.
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Purpose of the booking
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Terms and conditions

The hirer acknowledges that they are responsible for ensuring that any film, video or other materials seen or heard by person in the premises during the period of hire may lawfully be seen or heard by those persons.

This requirement covers both issues of ownership of the material and issues of the lawfulness of its content. The Hirer indemnifies the University against any claim which may be made against it in relation to such matter.

Policies to protect the University:

  1. The downloading of unauthorised versions of multimedia materials from the Internet for screening in University venues is prohibited.
  2. The Films, Videos, and Publications Classification 1993 Act requires items have a classification and this is displayed at the screening of the item. Regarding classifications - note that the Film and Video labelling Body Inc exemptions state only unrestricted films qualify for exemption. Exempt films include films which:
    • are wholly or mainly of an educational, scientific, religious, political, or historical nature.
    • depict wholly or mainly sporting events.
  3. Policies adopted will apply to all casual bookings.
  4. If multimedia materials are obtained from a video hire outlet, then the distributor's approval to screen it is required.
  5. If multimedia materials are downloaded from the Internet, then the distributor's approval to screen it is required.
  6. All DVDs shown are to contain the wording "The contents of the DVD are protected under copyright and other intellectual property laws. This DVD is licensed, only for non-commercial private viewing in homes and any distribution outside of the licensed territory (unless expressly authorised or permitted by law), copying, transmission, public performance, alteration or reverse engineering is strictly prohibited and may result in criminal and/or civil liability. All rights reserved.”
  7. Exhibitions will be housed in a non-public space.
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