Fox Glacier - Te Moeka o Tūawe Research Workshop

We attended the inaugural Fox Glacier - Te Moeka o Tūawe Research Workshop, a meeting designed to bring together people with various interests in the Fox and Franz Glacier areas. The workshop included researchers from University of Canterbury, University of Otago, University of Victoria - Wellington, and Massey University, as well as contingents from GNS Science, Fox Glacier Guides, and DoC. The first day was spent presenting research, observations, and experiences in the area and brainstorming ways to collaborate on fieldwork and share data and findings. Pascal shared his work on the Matariki Project, showing 3-D changes in the Fox catchment derived from Satellite Photogrammetric Mapping (SPM) driven by landslides, glacier retreat, and riverbed migration. Ellorine showed her work on the Alpine Gardens landslide studying the displacement of surface features using computer vision. Several researchers shared their work with the public at a community meeting held later that night. The next day we took a field trip to the GNS monitoring site on Cone Rock adjacent to the large alluvial fan fed by the Alpine Gardens landslide.

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