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MRC is leading a new collaborative project that seeks to improve the modelling of seasonal snow and catchment processes. The three-year project has received funding of 733,000 from the Deep South Challenge: Changing with our Climate, and will be led by Associate Professor Nicolas Cullen, in collabor...

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We are looking forward to the data we will be capturing with a newly installed camera designed to monitor avalanche activity in the Hooker Valley in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. We will be using cameras to improve our observation of large snow avalanches running into the Hooker Lake and Hooker Glacier. The frequency and size of avalanches seen by the cameras will be used to verify the satellite record of avalanches in the park and used for snow avalanche hazard modelling MRC are doing in collaboration with the Department of Conservation and partners at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) in Switzerland.

Camera installation under Department of Conservation research permit, 91872-RES.

We spent several days this summer collecting ground control points (GCPs) used to process satellite imagery and build 3D elevation models. The GCPs will be used to create accuate, high resolution (2m) surface models for a large region of Fiordland, offering a new level of detail for the iconic terrain. This fieldwork will also directly support avalanche hazard modelling in collaboration with Milford Road Alliance.

Stuck at Bevan Col after fieldwork on the Bonar glacier. Very lucky to get a short clearing in the morning to get picked up.