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Otago Signage is the University of Otago's digital signage system that allows subscribers to broadcast important information via digital media.

With Otago Signage you can:

  • easily create and show content on your own display
  • share your messages with other members of the Otago Signage community
  • show your message on their displays

Otago Signage is fully integrated with the University of Otago's Emergency Response System and will automatically provide staff and students with up-to-date information if a state of emergency is declared.

How does Otago Signage work?

You become a member of the Otago Signage community on a subscription basis. Subscriptions include an initial joining fee and membership until 31 December of that year, then renewable on 1 January annually. A separate subscription is required for each media player used for Otago Signage.

Applying for Otago Signage

Please visit the AskOtago service portal to apply for subscription to Otago Signage or to find out more about the service.

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