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Workload is made up of a combination of lectures, tutorials, laboratories, assignments and reading.

Teaching and assessment

Teaching at university is different from school and papers are assessed in a variety of ways.


General bachelors' degrees

There are a number of qualifications which are considered general bachelor's degrees and are subject to the Entry Pathway system.

Specialised bachelors' degrees

Specialised bachelors' degrees have their own specific entry requirements, a restricted choice of papers and each has its subjects, structure and admission procedures.

Honours and postgraduate

Honours degrees

Most general bachelors' degrees and many of the specialised bachelors' degrees have Honours degrees allied to them.

Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad)

Everything you need to know about the Diploma for Graduates.

Masters' Handbook

Providing information, guidance, and a point of reference for research Masters' students and those contemplating thesis research.

PhD Handbook

Providing information and guidance on all matters relating to the PhD.

Further information

Degrees and diplomas (PDF)
Degree and diploma information from the Guide to Enrolment.

Degree and timetable planning tables (PDF)
Tables for planning your degree and course timetable.

Want to make sure you're making the right choice?

Talk to your Schools' Liaison Officer or, once you're on campus, make an appointment to talk to one of our Student Development Student Advisers.

First-year students website

The first-year students website has the information you need to make the most of your first year.

Guide to enrolment

Helping you through the enrolment process.

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