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Student Cultural Item_PASC Launch July 2016

The University is committed to ensuring that Pacific students maximise their full potential by providing them with academic guidance and support. An academic mentoring programme, scholarships and other dedicated support services all contribute to your success.

University of Otago Pacific Peoples' Achievement Awards

This monetary prize is awarded annually to the top academic Pacific students from each of the four academic divisions (Science, Health Sciences, Humanities, Commerce) on the recommendation of the Director, Pacific Development. This prize is awarded to the top academic Pacific student in their first year of undergraduate study and to the academic Pacific student in their final year of undergraduate study.

Students must be of indigenous Pacific Island descent and New Zealand citizens or permanent residents and must be studying full time.

University of Otago Scholarships for Pacific Students

The University of Otago has an impressive scholarships scheme, with some scholarships specifically available to people of indigenous Pacific descent. Study grants are also available to indigenous Pacific students to study at postgraduate level.

The one-page document (below) provides an up-to-date list of University of Otago funded scholarships that are currently available to students of indigenous Pacific descent.

University of Otago Scholarships for Indigenous Pacific Students

Conference funding for Pacific students

The Graduate Research School has funding available to assist our indigenous Pacific graduate research candidates (doctoral and masters thesis) to travel to conferences in New Zealand and overseas. Pacific students from the northern campus who would like to present at the annual Pacific Voices symposium, held at the Dunedin campus, should consider applying for this conference funding.

Indigenous Pacific Peoples Student Conference Assistance

Funding is limited and to be considered, students must complete the application form:

Māori and indigenous Pacific peoples conference funding application form (PDF).

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