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Student visa

You need to hold a visa valid for study before entering New Zealand and throughout your enrolment period at the University of Otago.

You must update the University's Student Visa Service (at the International Office) with any new visa received visa while you are studying.

Failure to update the University's Student Visa Service with current visas will result in losing access to University resources and services.

Full details of student visa requirements from Immigration New Zealand

Apply for your visa

Bringing your family

If you're planning on bringing your spouse/partner and/or children with you to New Zealand, they will need to apply for an appropriate visa based on their circumstances.

Visa information for families from Immigration New Zealand

Dependent Child Tertiary Student Visa and Dependent of a Worker Student Visa

Dependent children who have a parent who is granted residence under the 2021 Resident Visa, and dependent children of holders of some categories of work visas, may be eligible to apply for one of these visas.

If this is approved before the deadline for Otago's tuition fee payment, holders of these visas are able to access tertiary education at the domestic fee rate. For more information, visit:

Dependent Child Tertiary Student Visa and Dependent of a Worker Student Visa

Medical and travel insurance

All international students are required to have comprehensive health and travel insurance while in New Zealand.

The University of Otago's recommended policy is Studentsafe Inbound University. When you enrol you will automatically be covered by Studentsafe, and the insurance premium will be added to your student account.

Further insurance details

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