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Wednesday 30 November 2016 9:29am

US President-elect Donald Trump.

It has been an extraordinary year in US politics. Donald Trump's surprise win on 8 November came against everyone's expectations, possibly even his own.

So how did this happen, and what does it mean? What are the lessons to be drawn, and what is likely to happens next? Where does the election leave the US, and what difference will it make for New Zealand?

A panel organised by the Division of Humanities will bring together a group of experts to explore these developments from different perspectives.

All University staff and students are welcome to the 'Panel Discussion on US Election: What Happened? What Next?' tomorrow lunchtime at the Archway 4 Lecture Theatre.

Co-organiser Professor David Tombs of the Centre for Theology and Public Issues says each new day since the election has brought its own new surprise.

Panellists will examine the politics and policy issues, the conflicts they reflect, the culture shifts behind them, and the role of religion in the US.

Professor David Tombs.

Professor Tombs, who is from the UK, says the Brexit shock that occurred in his home country was one of the reasons he and his wife had been closely following the US election.

His wife, a US citizen, returned for a week of volunteering to talk to people for the Democrat campaign in New Hampshire in July, during the week of the Republican Convention. She found it a very challenging experience and they have been following each twist ever since.

Professor Tombs was struck the day after the election by the dramatic impact that the result had on US family and friends, so it seemed really important to talk about it.

He therefore welcomed a suggestion by Kevin Clements of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies to hold an event. Because the Division has incredible expertise in this area, it seemed a great opportunity to organise a panel together.

Professor Robert Patman is a well-known international expert and has agreed to take part despite his very busy schedule. He says the organisers are very fortunate that Professor Lyn Tribble who is from the US, is willing to contribute as well.

Come along:

Associate Professor James Maclaurin, Department of Philosophy

Professor Robert Patman (Politics)
Professor Lyn Tribble (English and Linguistics)
Professor Kevin Clements (National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies)
Professor David Tombs (Centre for Theology and Public Issues)

WHAT: 'Panel Discussion on US Election: What Happened? What Next?'. 

WHEN: Thu 1 Dec, 12.00noon to 1.15pm
WHERE: Archway 4 Lecture Theatre, University of Otago
All Welcome

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