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Monday 3 April 2023 5:01pm

20twenties 226pxHannah Moore
Hannah Moore

Hannah Moore, BA, majoring in Communication Studies. For giving back to community and making positive changes in the lives of youth.

Ensuring Kiwis can identify with the New Zealand they see on TV and bringing people together through sport are major motivations for Hannah in her work in media and as a player and coach in competitive volleyball.

questions and answer 'Q' What was your reaction to receiving the award, and what does it mean to you?

I was incredibly surprised. I found it an honour even to be nominated but to actually be a recipient was a very proud moment. I never expected or anticipated receiving recognition for the work I was doing, as it didn't even feel like work! I feel very lucky to be recognised among so many other worthy recipients.

questions and answer 'Q' What have you done since graduation and what are you doing now?

Since graduation, I moved from Dunedin up to Auckland where I have worked with Television New Zealand (TVNZ). During my year here I have worked in sales with a variety of advertisers to put their message on air to fellow New Zealanders. My portfolio ranges from locally-treasured New Zealand brands to brands of international recognition, to ensure Kiwis are being fairly represented by what they are exposed to on their screens.

I have also continued to pursue my passion for volleyball since moving up north. I have competed with the East Coast Bays Thunder club team, which placed second at the National Volleyball Championships in 2022. Being able to continue my love for a sport I developed so heavily in Otago is so important to me!

questions and answer 'Q' What inspires and motivates you to work and volunteer in the areas you are involved with?

I am passionate about continuing to grow and evolve the New Zealand media space with the rest of the world, while also ensuring we stay true to our 'New Zealandness”. My responsibilities include generating revenue for TVNZ, which contributes to the development of new locally-specialised content for New Zealand audiences. I believe it is so important for people to feel included in our community and that they can identify with what they are immersed in so heavily. If a New Zealander can watch our national broadcasting channels and see people who look, act and believe like them, they can feel like they belong.

I am also an avid believer that sport brings people together. As a keen sportswoman growing up, I always wanted to be playing sports and developing my friendships and partnerships with those who I was playing with and against. I always had impressive role models in my coaches and teammates who would give anything to ensure I could succeed in everything I put my mind to. I wanted to be able to be that person for others and continue to pass down my knowledge and expertise in a game, that had given and continues to give so much to me.

questions and answer 'Q' What were the highlights of your time at Otago, and has it helped or influenced you in your career and following your interests?

The variety of papers on offer at Otago was a huge help to discover what path I wanted to go down in the Media and Communications realm. The amazing and passionate lecturers also influenced my career and learning progression immensely. I was able to develop not only academic skills but also skills that would further me in life through the people who surrounded me in Otago.

The number of other opportunities on offer was also a highlight for me over my three years at Otago. Being able to play volleyball with my friends and create new friendships while playing at a national level for Otago University was huge. Being born and bred in Otago and then being able to stay and represent the University at three separate national competitions, before coming back to coach at another, is a huge accomplishment for me, and something I don't look back on lightly.

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