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Monday 15 December 2014 4:37pm

CTCR master's student Tom Brew and recently graduated accountant Tom Ingham had been planning a fund-raising head shave for a while - once their contracts were signed for jobs after graduation, the shaving date was set!

Seeing research from this side of the bench, there was only ever one choice for where the funds would go. As Tom Brew says "I've seen some great work being done here, and the promise it shows for cancer patients".

Having originally thought $500 would be raised, their target was set at $750 - this was reached by the end of the first week! A grand total of $2015 is going towards research into childhood cancers and to continue the work Tom has been focusing on.

The research completed as part of Tom's master's project has been undertaken with financial assistance of a bequest in memory of a loved one. This, in combination with seeing families affected by cancer inspired Tom and Tom to pay it forward "I am now aware of how difficult it is for labs to actually get funding for research, even the kind which goes on to save lives!"

Take a look at Tom (with hair) and learn more about his passions and research

Two Toms back view
From left: Tom Ingham and Tom Brew show the beneficiary of their fundraising efforts.

Two Toms pre shave
Tom and Tom bid a fond farewell to their locks.

Two Toms post shave 650
Post-shave and still smiling—tremendous effort!

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