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Terms of Reference

  • To advise the Library Services Committee and the University Librarian on matters regarding the requirements and resourcing needs of the Hocken Collections
  • To consider and advise the Library Services Committee and the University Librarian on policy matters and the conditions of use of the Hocken Collections
  • To receive reports from Library staff and other members of the Committee
  • To serve as a means of communication between the University, the Friends of Hocken and the Library
  • To meet at stated times and to make regular reports to the Library Services Committee
  • To promote the interest and advocate for the Hocken Collections


Composition of the Committee Member Expiry date (if applicable)
Head of Department History and Art History (Chair) Professor T Shogimen
University Librarian Mr H Amos Ex-officio
Hocken Librarian Ms S Dell Ex-officio
Director of Marketing and Communications Ms J Galer Ex-officio
Representative of the Commerce Division Associate Professor L McNeill
Representative of the Health Sciences Division Professor L Matisoo-Smith
Representatives of the Humanities Division

Professor T Brooking

Dr C Prentice

Representative of the Sciences Division Professor L Hanton
OUSA Representative Ms E Iati December 2017
Te Tumu Postgraduate Representative Dr L Carter
Representative of the Combined Otago Runanga Ms C F Campbell
Representative of Publishing Community Ms B A Larson
Nominal Index and Genealogy Ms J Pearson
Representative of Heritage Sector Ms L Johnston
Representative of Business Sector Mr P McIntyre
President of the Friends of the Hocken Collections Hon M Hobbs
Co-opted member

The Committee has the power to co-opt as required.

Meeting Dates

Meetings for the Hocken Collections Committee are on an 'as required' basis.

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