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Creating and sharing ideas in a connected world

Intellectual Property (7 minutes) - Gillian Elliot, Research Services Librarian

What is intellectual property?  How does it affect me? - A brief overview.

Copyright (8 minutes) - Richard White, University Copyright Officer

What can I, as a staff member, legally copy in the course of my work? - A brief outline of NZ copyright law (including fair dealing) and the special licences to copy the University holds.

Creative Commons (11 minutes) - Dr Mark McGuire, Design Studies

What is Creative Commons?  How can it help me to share and build upon the work of others?  Can I license my own work with CC?

Open Educational Resources (8 minutes) - Dr Bill Anderson, Director Distance Learning

What are Open Educational Resources?  Why would universities give their learning materials away for free? - A brief history of OER and thoughts about their role in the future of education.

'Creating and sharing ideas in a connected world' by University of Otago is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

These short videos were recorded at the seminar 'Creating and sharing ideas in a connected world' held in July 2010 and provide advice within an Otago context. The assistance of the Audio Visual Support and Development Unit (ITS) is gratefully acknowledged in the production of these re-usable learning materials for staff.

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