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Managing Routine Business Information in the Office

“It is essential that public offices prioritise their information management resources, destroy low value information, and focus their efforts on information which is of high value. Retention and ongoing management of low value records such as routine financial information, administrative records and duplicates for longer than is required is costly and inefficient.”

State of Government Recordkeeping 2008 – Annual Report.

You can download the advice: Managing Routine Business Information in the Office.

Access framework

Under sections 21 and 43 of the Public Records Act 2005, all public records created by the University of Otago that have been in existence for 25 years or more, and all public records that have been transferred to our approved repository, the Hocken Library, must be available for public inspection unless the University imposes conditions on access to certain classes of records, or unless the records are restricted under another statute.

This framework outlines those university records that are classified as restricted access, the reason for the restriction, the period of time the restriction applies, and who will be responsible for making access decisions to those records with restrictions.

You can view the Access Framework.

Read Section 21.

Read Section 43.

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