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Public Records Act 2005

The Act sets out a framework for preserving public records for future generations. It covers certain records created and received by New Zealand universities. It also enables universities to identify which records they need to transfer to Archives and which records can be destroyed.
Under the legislation, universities must:

  • Create and maintain full and accurate records which must be accessible over time
  • Obtain the authority of the Chief Archivist in order to dispose of public records. (Disposal is the archival term for the ultimate fate of records, and usually means their destruction or transfer to Archives New Zealand.)

Information and Records Management Standard

The Information and Records Management Standard (released July 2016) is a mandatory standard issued under Section 27 of the Public Records Act 2005 by the Chief Archivist.

The standard sets out the minimum level of compliance for the management of information and records by public offices.

View the Information and Records Management

Accompanying the standard is a Regulatory Statement that describes Archives New Zealand's approach to regulatory compliance through administering the Public Records Act 2005.

View the Regulatory Statement

University of Otago Information Framework

University of Otago Information Framework (PDF)

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