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Category Health and Safety
Type Policy
Approved by Council, 1 September 2004
Date Policy Took Effect 1 September 2004
Last approved revision 26 June 2017
Sponsor Chief Operating Officer
Responsible officer Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing


The key objective of this policy is to minimise the likelihood of occupational exposure to blood or other body fluids, and to ensure if exposure does occur, that the situation is managed correctly to ensure the minimum possible harm occurs to the individual(s) involved.

Organisational scope

All University of Otago work locations. This policy applies to all workers, students and visitors in any University of Otago workplace, including fieldwork and work off site.



  1. Managers and Supervisors responsible for a workplace where risk of blood and/or body fluid exposure exists must ensure that the operating procedures described in the Biohazard Safety Manual are followed.
  2. Workers and students have a duty to comply with the Biohazard Safety Manual requirements, including the reporting of any incidents.
  3. Where potential exposure to blood and body fluids are identified as work activity hazards or risks, the Occupational Vaccination Policy applies for the immunisation of blood borne diseases.

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Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, contact:

Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

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