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Approved byChief Financial Officer
Date Procedure Took Effect16 April 2002
Last approved revision25 February 2022
SponsorFinancial Controller
Responsible officerTeam Leader, Revenue Management


These procedures relate to the establishment and operation of Petty Cash by University Departments.

Organisational scope

University wide.


Accounts Payable Office
Shared Services Division, Operational Finance
Finance One
University Corporate Financial System


  1. Use of Petty Cash

    1. Petty cash should only be used where the use of a purchasing card or another method of payment is uneconomic or inefficient. Petty cash must not be used for staff or student reimbursements.
  2. Management of Petty Cash

    1. Ensure one member of staff is responsible for petty cash.
    2. Receipts must be obtained for all petty cash purchases.
    3. Petty cash must be kept in a locked container in a locked drawer or cabinet.
    4. Petty Cash reimbursements should be sought well before the entire petty cash float is exhausted, as the Revenue Management Office only process reimbursements once a week.
  3. Reimbursement of Petty Cash

    1. Contact the Revenue Management Office: A Petty Cash Template will be provided for the department to complete.
    2. Once the template has been completed return to: Ensure that the form is certified as being correct, i.e., approved by the Head of Department.
    3. Reconcile the petty cash by adding the cash on hand to the total expenditure on the claim template.
    4. The total of these two amounts should equate to the total petty cash advance.
    5. Send all documentation including receipts to the Revenue Management Office Cashiers ( for processing the journal in Finance One.
    6. Reimbursement will be made in the form of cash or a prepaid debit card.
    7. All non-Dunedin location petty cash is provided only by way of a prepaid debit card.
    8. Sign the attached receipt and return it to the Revenue Management Office, Cashiers immediately. This is your acknowledgment of having received the cash or prepaid debit card.

Contact for further information

For further information, contact:

Revenue Management, Cashiers
Tel +64 3 470 8219

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