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Category Human Resources
Type Procedure
Approved by Vice-Chancellor
Date Procedure Took Effect 1 May 2023
Last approved revision 
Sponsor Human Resources Director
Responsible officer HR Manager, Promotions and Remuneration


To outline the procedure for staff wishing to purchase Additional Leave.

Organisational scope

All staff employed by the University for a continuous period of twelve months or more, excluding casual and student employees.


Additional Leave
Paid time on leave, purchased under the Additional Leave Policy.
Annual Leave
Annual leave entitlement provided by the Holidays Act 2003.
Casual employee
A person employed on an on call and as required basis without any commitment from either party to ongoing employment.
Commencement fortnight
The first pay fortnight from which a purchase of Additional Leave is made.
Eligible gross earnings
Gross salary and eligible allowances
Head of Department or School or Dean or Manager.
The deduction from a fortnightly pay.
The person purchasing the Additional Leave.
Staff Web Kiosk
The online portal used by staff to apply to take Additional Leave.
Student employee
A person employed on a Student Employment Agreement, or who is primarily a Student.


  1. General principles

    1. Staff can apply to purchase Additional Leave in one-week blocks to a maximum of 5 one-week blocks in a 12-month period.
    2. Additional Leave is not annual leave and the provisions of the Holidays Act 2003 do not apply.
    3. All applications to purchase must be given reasonable consideration by Heads and must adhere to the Additional Leave Policy.
    4. Heads are encouraged to consider all aspects of an application, including the impact on the staff member, their colleagues, students, their customers, the area in which the staff member works as well as the staff member's annual leave balance.
    5. Staff wishing to apply are not required to provide any specific reasons for their application and can make an application at any time.
    6. Additional leave of one-to-five-week blocks will accrue over a 12-month period and can be ongoing.
  2. Request to purchase Additional Leave

    1. Formal written applications to purchase Additional Leave must be made to the Manager / HOD using the Additional Leave Application Form.
    2. Where a staff member holds appointments in different departments, they must submit separate applications for each appointment. Each Head makes their own decision, therefore Additional Leave may not be approved in all departments.
    3. If a formal application is declined, the Head must advise the staff member of the reasons why using the considerations outlined in 1(d).
    4. Approved and declined application forms must be sent to HR Services as per the form instructions, and within 5 working days of the final decision.
  3. Payroll payments

    1. On receipt of an Approved Additional Leave Application Form, payments will commence in the first available pay period.
    2. Payments are made via a negative pre-tax allowance.
    3. Salary and allowances are included when calculating the payment amount.
    4. Additional Leave payments will reduce your superannuation contributions as superannuation is calculated on eligible gross earnings.
    5. Payments will occur until the block of Additional Leave has been paid for or will continue if the Additional Leave is ongoing.
  4. Taking Additional Leave

    1. Additional Leave balances will appear in the staff web kiosk as a separate leave type and will accrue on a daily basis over a 12-month period.
    2. The booking of and approval to take Additional Leave is via the Staff Web Kiosk.
    3. Staff are expected to discuss their leave plans with the Head before submitting a request to take Additional Leave.
    4. Staff and Head are expected to maintain Additional Leave balances at no more than 5 weeks at any point in time.
  5. Changes to Additional Leave

    1. If a staff member increases or decreases their Hours / FTE , remaining Additional Leave payments will be adjusted. Completion of a Change in Hours / FTE Form will authorise this.
    2. If a staff member increases or decreases their remuneration (e.g. salary increase, allowance increase or decrease, etc), remaining Additional Leave payments will be adjusted. The Additional Leave Application Form will authorise this.
    3. When there is a change to salary, including allowances the remaining Additional Leave payments will be adjusted, including for leave purchased but yet to use.
    4. If a staff member is eligible under clause 4.(c) of the Additional leave Policy to reverse already taken or approved to be taken Additional Leave, the Leave Reversal Request Form must be completed and sent to HR Services within 5 days of the final decision.
  6. Balance on cessation of employment

    1. If a staff member ceases employment and has an Additional Leave balance, it will be paid out in their final pay at their normal pay rate current at the time they ceased employment.

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