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Category Information & Communications Technology
Type Procedure
Approved by Vice-Chancellor
Date Procedure Took Effect 27 August 2009
Last approved revision 30 June 2011
Sponsor Director, Information Technology Services
Responsible officer Manager Information Security Office


The purpose of this Procedure is to manage against the risk that other entities may fraudulently set up a web presence that appears to be a bona fide Otago site.

Organisational scope

This procedure applies University-wide.


Internet Protocol


  1. All requests for registration of Internet domain names, that are to point to the University's IP number space, must be referred to the Director of Information Technology Services for action.
  2. The Director of Information Technology Services, on becoming aware of a domain name registered to point into the University's IP number space, will seek to establish which agency performed the registration. If that agency is found, and if the person initiating the registration is not a member of the staff of the University, the Director will write to the agency requesting that the registration be removed immediately.

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