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Category Human Resources
Type Policy
Approved by Vice-Chancellor, 14 August 2023
Date policy took effect 14 August 2023
Last approved revision 
Sponsor Director, Human Resources
Responsible officer HR Manager, Promotions and Remuneration
Review Date 14 August 2025


To provide direction for taking and managing Social Impact Leave; which has been developed in conjunction with the University’s Social Impact Studio to provide eligible staff at the University of Otago an opportunity to volunteer during work time.

The Social Impact Leave has been designed so staff can take the leave individually or as part of a planned activity with a group of staff members.


1. Eligibility

  1. The following staff are eligible for Social Impact Leave:
    1. Permanent Staff
    2. Fixed Term Staff
  2. Casual staff are not eligible for Social Impact Leave.

2. Social Impact Leave Details

  1. Unless otherwise specified by the University, one (1) standard day of leave relative to FTE (i.e., pro rata) will be available for each eligible employee. Leave can be taken in one (1) hour increments up to the employee's entitlement (e.g., seven and a half (7.5) hours (or eight (8) hours) for an individual in a full-time role with one (1) FTE).
  2. Social Impact Leave can only be taken with pre-approval from their line manager.
  3. Social Impact Leave can be declined where the leave would create operational difficulties. Managers and staff members are encouraged to discuss other options to accommodate such requests.
  4. Once an individual's leave entitlement has been expended (e.g., one standard day taken), other leave types must be used.
  5. Social Impact Leave does not accrue.
  6. This leave renews at the start of the calendar year.

3. Volunteer Activities Supported

  1. Social Impact Leave can be taken for any activity that supports a not-for-profit community organisation or event that aligns with the University values.

4. Social Leave Recording and Approval

  1. All requests for Social Impact Leave must be entered into the Staff Web Kiosk system by the person applying for the leave.
  2. The unit of leave will be in hours.

5. Delegations of Authority

  1. Delegations of authority for all types of leave can be found in the Leave Delegated Authorities Policy.

6. Advice and Support

  1. For advice and support regarding this Policy please contact your Divisional Human Resources Manager.

Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, contact the

HR Manager, Promotions and Remuneration
Tel  +64 3 479 8092

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