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I failed a prerequisite / had a paper deleted

If you fail to pass a paper/s (this includes those that have been granted a Special Exam*), after confirmed results have been released any paper/s in the following semester will be deleted if the failed paper/s was a prerequisite.

You will be advised via your student portal when a paper has been deleted.

This may affect your eligibility for a government student loan and/or student allowance (or if an international student, your immigration status). The total tuition fees payable will also normally be affected. If in any doubt regarding your eligibility for either a student loan or allowance contact StudyLink.

* If a Special Exam result for a prerequisite paper(s) is still to be confirmed, the paper/s which pertains to that prerequisite will be deleted. In this instance all enquiries should be directed to the Department concerned.

If a special exam result is received for a prerequisite paper confirming that it has been passed, the deleted paper related to that prerequisite will not be automatically reinstated. It is your responsibility to add any paper/s to your course of study.

Your course – your responsibility

Through eVision you can check the papers you are enrolled for. It is your responsibility, and in your own best interests, to ensure that your course of study is in accordance with the relevant regulations in the University Calendar and that your enrolment correctly records the papers you are taking.

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