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Category Statutes
Type Statute
Approved by Approved by Council – 29 November 2022
Date Statute Took Effect 1 January 2012
Last approved revision 
Sponsor Registrar and Secretary to the Council
Responsible officer 


  1. Title

    1. This statute is the Affiliated Colleges Statute.
  2. Commencement

    1. This Statute shall come into force on the 1st day of January 2023.
  3. Affiliation

    1. A private College or similar institution is an Affiliated College of the University where it:
      1. meets the requirements of this Statute or any Statute passed in substitution for this Statute; and
      2. is party to a formal Affiliation Agreement with the University; and the University Council has resolved to grant it formal affiliated status.
    2. An Affiliation Agreement with a College or other institution may be for a period of up to ten years (with the parties able to agree to renew or extend) and shall record:
      1. the rights and obligations of the University and the College or other institution;
      2. the basis and frequency on which the College or other institution's operations will be reviewed;
      3. how any disputes between the University and the College or other institution may be resolved;
      4. how the Affiliation Agreement may be terminated by either party.
  4. Minimum requirements for Affiliation

    1. Before granting formal affiliated status, the University Council must be satisfied that the private College or institution:
      1. makes a significant proportion of its places available to University students;
      2. provides appropriate learning support services;
      3. provides pastoral care and support for students within a physically, culturally and emotionally safe environment and which is compliant with all legislative requirements including the wellbeing and safety requirements of any applicable Pastoral Care Code of Practice;
      4. provides a collegiate experience which is consistent with that offered by the University, and which fosters personal development and encourages a sense of community and association with fellow students;
      5. has significant links with the academic staff of the University;
      6. is operated as a non-profit making institution, with any operational surpluses directed towards the betterment of student facilities and services;
      7. has buildings and other facilities which meet or exceed appropriate standards of regulatory compliance;
      8. has governance arrangements with which the University is satisfied;
  5. Repeal

    1. The Affiliated Colleges Statute 2011 is repealed with effect from the commencement of this Statute.
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