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Approved byChief Financial Officer
Date Procedure Took Effect16 April 2002
Last approved revision27 November 2020
SponsorChief Financial Officer
Responsible officerFinancial Controller


These procedures set out the requirements of the Public Finance Act (1989) as to who may have Bank Accounts and the operation of same within the University.

The Public Finance Act (1989) requires:
'all public money is the property of the Crown and must be lodged in a (University) bank account'.
Section 65U

Organisational scope

This is a University-wide procedure.


Bank account
Bank accounts in the name of the University of Otago


To meet the requirements of the Public Finance Act, the University operates a number of bank accounts within New Zealand as well as in Australia and the United States of America.

  1. Who may operate a bank account

    1. In general, individual departments do not require bank accounts. In some special circumstances a separate bank account may be appropriate.
    2. All bank accounts require the express approval of the Chief Financial Officer, prior to opening. This applies to all accounts intended for University or University-related purposes.
    3. Alternatives to a separate bank account include cash floats, debit cards and credit cards or EFTPOS. Where staff are unclear whether an activity is University related or not they should seek guidance from the Treasury Accountant, Financial Services Division.
  2. Reconciliation of Bank Accounts

    1. The Financial Control team, Financial Services Division are responsible for ensuring all accounts are reconciled on a timely basis.
      • main bank account – weekly
      • all other accounts – monthly

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Public Finance Act (1989)

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