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Category Marketing and Communication
Type Policy
Approved by Vice-Chancellor, June 2003
Date Policy Took Effect 1 July 2003
Last approved revision 
Sponsor Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)
Responsible officer Director, Marketing Services


This policy determines the management of the graphical use of the University's Brand through publications, car livery, signage or any other visual element.

Organisational scope

This Policy applies University-wide.


1. Use of the Brand

  1. Control over the visual expression of the University of Otago brand is vested in the Vice-Chancellor. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) manages the use of the Brand on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor. This covers:
    • Graphical expression of the words “University of Otago,” “Otago University.”
    • Corporate colours
    • University logo - crest mounted in white frame
    • The relationship of the Brand with other design elements.
  2. University of Otago Brand Guide
    1. The University of Otago branding policy and procedures is described in detail in the “University of Otago Brand Guide.”
    2. All use of the Brand must comply with the University of Otago Brand Guide.
    3. The University of Otago Brand Guide is produced by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement).
    4. All decisions on whether or not use of the Brand complies with the University of Otago Brand Guide will be made by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement).

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