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Category Human Resources
Type Policy
Approved by Council
Date Policy Took Effect 1 August 1994
Last approved revision 23 March 2018
Sponsor Director of Human Resources
Responsible officer Head of Organisational Development


This policy sets out the University's obligations under the terms of the State Sector Act 1988 with respect to equal employment opportunities.

Organisational scope

This policy applies University-wide.


  1. The University of Otago is committed to provide equality of opportunity in employment irrespective of all prohibited grounds of discrimination as stated in the Human Rights Act 1993:
    • sex, including pregnancy and childbirth
    • marital status
    • religious belief
    • ethical belief
    • colour
    • race
    • ethnic or national origins, which includes nationality and citizenship
    • disability
    • age
    • political opinion
    • employment status
    • family status
    • sexual orientation
    • gender (female, male or other/neither).
  2. Consistent with this and in accordance with the provisions of Section 77D of the State Sector Act 1988, the University will act:
    1. to identify and eliminate all aspects and policies, procedures and other institutional barriers that cause or perpetuate, or tend to cause or perpetuate, inequality in respect of the employment of any person or group of persons.
    2. to ensure that appointments to  professional and academic staff positions are made on the basis of merit and that promotions maintain the principle of advancement by merit.
    3. to promote equal employment opportunities as an integral part of University policies and practices.
    4. to monitor, review and evaluate progress towards achieving equal employment opportunities.

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Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, please contact:

The Head of Organisational Development
Tel +64 3 479 5431

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