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Date Guideline Took Effect9 December 2019
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SponsorDeputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)
Responsible officerDirector of Marketing, External Engagement

Please note that compliance with University Guidelines is expected in normal circumstances, and any deviation from Guidelines – which should only be in exceptional circumstances – needs to be justifiable.


To provide more detailed guidance to University of Otago staff to ensure sponsorship efforts are coordinated and consistent across the University. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the University of Otago Outgoing Sponsorship Policy.

Organisational scope

The University of Otago's Outgoing Sponsorship Guidelines apply University-wide to all sponsorships granted by University of Otago to external parties.


Outgoing Sponsorship
A commercial (i.e. not philanthropic gift or donation) arrangement in which a sponsor provides monetary contribution for an activity in return for certain benefits and entitlements.
Sponsorship Owner
The person with authority to approve the sponsorship and sign agreement documentation.


The University of Otago receives many requests for sponsorship. Due to the large number of requests, the majority are declined because they do not meet the needs of the University or because of our finite resources.

We have developed these guidelines to make our requirements clear to University of Otago Staff and sponsorship seekers and to encourage the presentation of proposals that meet those needs.

Sponsorships may be funded by Marketing Services, Divisions, Schools, or Departments. For sponsorships to be considered by Marketing Services they must provide benefits to the University as a whole.

  1. Objectives and Exclusions

    The University of Otago has three sponsorship objectives;

    1. To meaningfully increase the awareness of the University of Otago's brand and to raise its profile with target audiences.
    2. To positively enhance the University of Otago's reputation as a leading tertiary education institution known for its excellence in research, teaching and student experience.
    3. To deliver strong engagement opportunities, enabling the University of Otago to connect with stakeholders in a meaningful and relevant way that would not necessarily be possible without the sponsorship.

    Organisations/activities which will not be considered for sponsorship by the University of Otago include those that:

    • May be construed as discriminatory in any way
    • Could be detrimental to public health or safety
    • Promote or encourage smoking, alcohol or any substance abuse
    • Promote gambling
    • May present a reputation risk, i.e. activities that encompass sexually exploitative or violent and dangerous behaviours
    • Have an alignment to political or religious groups
    • Benefit an individual person or family
    • Duplicate existing sponsorships

    Activities involving direct tertiary education competitors would not normally be considered.

    Sponsorship criteria

    In order to be considered for sponsorship, there are a number of elements that must be provided:

    • Key details of the opportunity and level of investment that is being sought
    • Timeline, including important deadlines (a six month lead time is required to effectively plan and implement leverage activities)
    • Inclusion of an end date for the agreement including rights of renewal
    • An overview of the marketing plan for the sponsorship, including what is confirmed and not confirmed
    • A clear demonstration of how the opportunity meets the University of Otago's sponsorship objectives
    • A list of the key contractual benefits Otago will receive via the sponsorship: demonstrate that the benefits align to the University's objectives and are commensurate with the level of investment that is being requested
    • A list of other sponsors that have committed to date
    • Confirmation that the University of Otago will be the only tertiary education provider associated with the organisation/event/programme
    • Details of how the success of the sponsorship will be measured

    Sponsorship benefits

    Sponsorship benefits for the University of Otago may include:

    • University of Otago branding on promotional materials
    • Access to distribute advertising or other University promotional material to the sponsorship audience
    • Provision of content or the licence to create content for social media and other communications
    • Research opportunities
    • Access to prospective students
    • Networking opportunities for University of Otago staff and students
    • Access to exclusive areas or experiences
    • Opportunity to showcase the work of our staff or students
    • Opportunity to use the sponsorship to create opportunities for Community Engagement
    • Opportunities to establish relationships or create partnerships with commercial entities
    • Ability for University staff to participate in a meaningful way if desired

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Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, contact a Marketing Specialist.


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