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Category Administration and Management
Type Procedure
Approved by Council, 13 November 2007
Date Procedure Took Effect 1 December 2007
Last approved revision 4 October 2021
Sponsor Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Responsible officer Director, University Quality Advancement


The programme of internal reviews forms the basis of the University of Otago's quality assurance framework. The University is committed to the transparency of the processes surrounding the reviews and wishes to recognise formally the work of Convenors and Secretaries of Review Panels and Panel members.

This procedure has been developed to provide a framework for the recognition of the expertise provided by review panel members through an appropriate scale of remuneration across the University.

Organisational scope

This procedure applies University-wide.


1. Levels of Remuneration

a. Internal Otago Staff Members (excluding review secretary)

The University recognises the work undertaken by staff who serve on review panels through the Academic Promotion and Progression criteria for academic staff and the Performance Development Review for general staff, so there is no remuneration.

b. Staff Members of Other Tertiary Institutions

Service on a review panel by staff members of other tertiary institutions is generally recognised by their home institution, and therefore there is no remuneration.

c. Retired Staff from Otago and Other Tertiary Institutions

The University of Otago recognises that the expertise of retired staff members can make a valuable contribution to the reviews process. Retired staff will be paid an honorarium of $2,000 for panel members and $4,000 for panel convenors, in line with current external academic audit bodies.

d. Panel Members from Outside Tertiary Education

For panel members from outside Tertiary Education, including former students, the University of Otago provides an honorarium in line with the current government advisory panels of $342.50 per day for a maximum of five days.

e. Review Secretaries

The University of Otago recognises that review secretaries provide an invaluable support to the convenors and other panel members. Staff who take on this role in addition to other employment within the University are provided with a one-off payment of $750 for each full review they undertake. Review secretaries are not eligible for time off in lieu or overtime for the work of the review. (This section does not apply to the permanent review secretaries within the Quality Advancement Unit.)

2. Graduating Year Reviews

For Graduating Year Reviews (GYRs) the levels of remuneration are as detailed above. However, as the amount of work is less than a full review, the honorarium for retired staff acting as panel members is $250 per GYR and for retired staff acting as convenors is $500 per GYR. External discipline specialists will be paid an honorarium of $171.25 for each GYR.

3. Processing and Taxing of Remuneration

Remuneration of panel members and secretaries is managed and administered by the Quality Advancement Unit. Like all review expenses, this remuneration is funded by the Divisions (although some exceptions apply). Payment to convenors and panel members is via the "Review Panel Member Honorarium Request Form" and payment to secretaries is via the "Review Secretary Payment Recommendation Form". All reviews remuneration is subject to tax; honoraria are scheduler payments subject to withholding tax and review secretary remuneration is subject to PAYE. NZ payees must submit (or have on file with Payroll Services) an IR330 Tax Code Declaration. Questions regarding remuneration should be directed to the Quality Advancement Unit.

4. Variations

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) may, in exceptional circumstances, approve a payment arrangement which does not comply with this procedure.

Contact for further information

Megan Wilson
Reviews and Projects Co-ordinator
Tel +64 3 479 6528

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