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Category Marketing and Communication
Type Policy
Approved by Vice-Chancellor, 12 November 2012
Date Policy Took Effect 12 November 2012
Last approved revision 
Sponsor Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)
Responsible officer Director of Communications


  1. To ensure that the University's response to any media enquiry is coordinated, professional and provides accurate, timely and clear information.
  2. To clarify the difference between the response of academic staff to the media in regard to their academic areas of specialisation and the response of staff to the media in regard to issues related to the operation of the University.
  3. To provide staff with advice on how requests from the media related to the operation of the University should be handled.

Organisational scope



  1. In dealing with the media there are two main principles:
    1. Academics are free to talk to the media about their work and to comment on issues relevant to their areas of expertise.
    2. Any issues related to the operation of the University are handled through the Media Office with relevant senior staff commenting as appropriate.

    The following sections of this Policy all relate to 1(b) above i.e. issues related to the operation of the University.

  2. When a staff member is contacted by a media representative, the staff member should refer them directly to the media office.
    The staff member should advise the media representative that the enquiry will be directed to the University's Media Office and contact will be made by the Media Office before the deadline. The staff member should email immediately.
  3. The Media Office's role is to:
    • Consider the University's response
    • Select a spokesperson if appropriate
    • Along with senior staff develop the University's response on the issue
    • Develop the University's position on the issue
    • Implement the response to the media

    In the course of this process the Media Office is likely to consult with senior staff and the Vice-Chancellor.

  4. Where the Media Office requests information statements from specific areas of the University, those information statements must be approved by the relevant Pro-Vice-Chancellor or Divisional Head.

Contact for further information

If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, contact:

Senior Strategy and Policy Adviser
External Engagement

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