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CategoryGeneral Regulations
Approved byCouncil, 14 May 2019
Date Regulation Took Effect14 May 2019
Last approved revision 
SponsorDirector, Property Services
Responsible officer 


  1. Title, Approval and Commencement and Revocation

    1. These regulations are the Traffic and Parking Regulations 2019.
    2. These regulations apply to the use of all vehicles on campus, including automobiles, bicycles and personal transport devices.
    3. These regulations were approved by the University Council at its meeting of 14 May 2019 pursuant to clause 5.3 of the Administration Statute 2011.
    4. These regulations apply, and the former Traffic and Parking Regulations are revoked, with effect from 14 May 2019.
  2. Definitions

    1. Campus means all land and buildings owned or occupied or for the time being controlled by the University of Otago anywhere in New Zealand.
    2. Automobile means any larger motorised vehicle including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and motor scooters.
    3. Bicycle includes electric bicycles.
    4. Personal transport device means any smaller means of transport, whether motorised or not, including skateboards, roller blades and push and electric scooters.
    5. Vehicle means any automobile, bicycle or personal transport device.
    6. Parking includes the abandonment of a vehicle in a user's temporary possession at the end of a period of intended use.
  3. Pedestrian Precinct

    1. The Campus has been planned and developed as a predominantly pedestrian precinct. These Regulations are to be interpreted in a manner which promotes that concept.
    2. Vehicles may never be driven or ridden on the Campus at a speed or in a manner which might interfere with the safety of pedestrians.
    3. Notwithstanding any rights which may be afforded to vehicle traffic under these Regulations, vehicles shall at all times and in all places on the Campus yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  4. Automobile Access

    1. Access to the Campus by automobiles shall be via those routes specifically designated for such access. Apart from emergency situations or for maintenance work by authorised trade and service vehicles all motorised vehicles shall be confined to designated access ways.
  5. Bicycles and Personal Transport Devices

    1. The riding of bicycles and use of personal transport devices on campus is prohibited, except in areas designated for their use by the Director of Property Services.
    2. Stunt and aerobatic manoeuvres, or any other activity which may cause disruption to University activities, undue risk to pedestrians or potential damage to property, are prohibited.
  6. Mobility Aids

    1. For the purposes of these regulations, wheelchairs and other mobility aids used by people with disabilities are not considered vehicles and may be used on Campus provided that such use is undertaken with due regard for others.
  7. Observance of Signs

    1. Users of vehicles on the Campus shall at all times observe all relevant markings and signs including those which define areas which are and are not available for use by specified vehicles.
    2. Markings and signs which are similar to those used by the New Zealand Transport Agency have the same meaning on the Campus as they do in any other public place.
  8. Speed Limit

    1. In areas where they are permitted on the Campus, no vehicle shall be operated at any time in excess of 10 kilometres per hour.
  9. Parking and Storage

    1. Vehicles shall not be parked or stored in any area other than those specifically designated for the parking or storage of that type of vehicle.
    2. The University may limit the use of designated parking spaces to particular staff or other persons associated with the University.
    3. Personal transport devices which are no larger than 1.2 metres x 50cm x 50cm may be stored on one's person, including in University buildings, except where this blocks egress or otherwise causes disruption to University activities.
    4. Any vehicle parked or stored in breach of these Regulations, or in a manner which does not conform to markings or signage, may be removed without notice. Any vehicle so removed may be recovered only upon the payment of all costs incurred in the removal of the vehicle from its unauthorised position.
  10. Charging of Electric Vehicles

    1. Electricity paid for by the University may not be used to charge electric vehicles except:
      1. at charge points designated by the Director of Property Services; or
      2. in University-owned accommodation, providing that any charging is of a bicycle or personal transport device owned by a resident of that accommodation.
  11. Breach

    1. Any student found to be in breach of the regulations may be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Statute 2021. A breach of the provisions of these regulations by a member of the staff of the University may be the subject of action under the staff member's employment agreement into which these regulations are incorporated.
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