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The University of Otago currently blocks certain files attached to email messages based on the filename. This is in order to help manage the distribution of malware in certain types of files. A full list of blocked extensions is below.

Any files that are considered inappropriate are replaced in the email message with a standard notice that informs the recipient that the attachment has been replaced. The sender of the email is not notified.

The original file is placed in the PureMessage quarantine. Each day recipients are sent a digest listing of any messages that have been quarantined so they may be released if appropriate.

Alternatively, the End User Web Interface for PureMessage can be used to release the full email.


Microsoft Access Project extension


Microsoft Access Project


generated application


Active server pages


basic program




cabinet file


compiled HTML help


clarion db app


Java bytecode




command executable


control panel applet


security certificate


dynamic link library


Microsoft Word Open XML macro-enabled document


device driver file


outlook express mail message


Outlook Express Mail Message


executable program


help file


HTML application


setup file


initialisation file


installation script


Internet communications settings




JScript encoded




Microsoft Access application


Microsoft Access database


Microsoft common console document


install control program


windows installer patch


windows installer transform


ole control extension


photo CD


windows program information file


WinRAR RAR compressed archive






windows script component


document shortcut file


shell scrap object


system (device driver) file


Internet location




VBScript encoded file


visual basic


virtual device driver


windows script component


windows script file


windows script host settings


file archive

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