Monday 28 January 2019 11:11am


The Department recently hosted ten budding young anatomists as part of the University's Hands-On at Otago programme for Year 12 and 13 students. The students completed a research project on the knee, as well as other organised programme activities throughout the week.

The research project looked at the structures and movement of the knee, the mechanics of how the knee works, how ligaments and cartilage stabilize the knee, how muscles generate force to move the bones, and how easily the knee can be damaged through sporting activity or old age.

The students learned how to embed, cut and stain histological tissue for viewing under the light microscope; and how to prepare and view samples on the scanning and transmission electron microscopes.

They also had fun with body painting, and had the opportunity to undertake their own dissection of a (deer) knee joint.

The Department also hosted an afternoon 'snack' programme where students were introduced to aspects of biological anthropology.

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