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  • Arana

    Arana Avatars - Arana & Studholme Party

  • Weekly

    Weekly Sheet Change at Arana

  • Arana

    Arana Relay for Life Team 2015

  • Kepler

    Kepler Track Tramp 2014

  • 5

    5 Van Praagh family members/Alumni and friends make a flying visit to Arana

  • Arana

    Arana Fire Wardens 2015

  • International

    International residents embrace Tuesday night sports at Arana

  • Student

    Student and Staff at Gala 2014

  • 2014

    2014 residents dress up as staff for themed Tuesday night sports

  • Ashley

    Ashley Day & Tina Gilbertson at a retirement get together for Ashley

  • Wednesday

    Wednesday night sports team

  • The

    The day after a vigorous game of Dodgeball

  • Arana

    Arana Graduands 2009

  • Capping

    Capping Procession May 2013

  • An

    An Arana resident entertaining fellow students

  • Enjoying

    Enjoying a night out

  • Warden

    Warden Jamie and Warden Ziggy from Studholme enjoying Arana carnival

  • Never

    Never too old to enjoy a sack race

  • Arana

    Arana O Week Speed Meeting

  • /
  • Arana

    Arana Carnival Dueling

  • Sports

    Sports Day

  • Arana

    Arana sub warden training. Thermette in use for cups of tea.

  • The

    The Village Green team

  • The

    The Jungle floor team

  • The

    The Look of determination

  • Arana

    Arana Carnival Tug of War

  • An

    An Arana Pool Shark

  • Quiz

    Quiz Night at Arana

  • Good

    Good keen Arana supporters

  • Sumo

    Sumo Wrestling Arana style

  • Its

    Its all about style at Arana on St Patricks Day

  • At

    At the back to school function with the Deputy Warden Patrick

  • Some

    Some of the Sub Wardens crank out the BBQ at the Arana Carnival

  • Jamie

    Jamie and Hannah on a mission

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