Tuesday, 16 August 2022

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Max Balloch says the project is a "dream come true".

A new podcast series hosted by University of Otago Marine Science and Science Communication student Max Balloch promises to provide a “glimpse into a world of wonder, excitement and knowledge”.

Each episode of The Otago Chronicles is themed around a different area of scientific study – from volcanoes to fungi – and contains deep dive interviews with academic staff members who take the listener with them on a journey through our complex world.

“To me, this podcast is the epitome of that love of learning. I think people of all different walks of life will be interested in The Otago Chronicles,” says Max. “On one episode we explore the world of volcanoes. Another, the world of whales.”

While the podcast is focussed at first on academics in the Division of Sciences, the team plan on expanding into other areas within the University.

After the success of his podcast Dear Nature which launched earlier this year, Max was approached and asked if he would join with the Communications team for this project.

Now as the podcast launches, Max is excited for the University community to discover some of the topics he has been learning about on this journey.

For the Science Communication student, the project fits into his ultimate career-goals.

“This is honestly like a dream come true. I get to work with really awesome people and hear their stories and see that passion in them when they explain their work. It is a passion I hope I can transfer to the listener.

“Overall, I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and incredibly excited for the future.”

The Otago Chronicles is now online and ready to stream.

Kōrero by Internal Communications Adviser Chelsea McRae

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