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Thursday 22 November 2018 4:43pm

The Otago Daily Time profiles Dr Khoon Lim's research which, through bioengineering, aims to provide better and cheaper treatment for patients with bone defects and injuries than current methods.

The focus was brought because his recent achievement winning the Sir Charles Hercus Health Research Fellowship, amounting to NZ$487,549 over three years; a prestigious career development award offered by the Health Research Council (HRC).

Dr Lim works within the Christchurch Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering (CReaTE) research group, which is attached to the University's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine in Christchurch.

Two other Otago colleagues and award recipients, Dr Sika-Paotonue and Dr Rosie Brown, are also profiled in the article.

Read the full Otago Daily Times article here

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