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    Historical development, sources, specifications, radiobiology, high/low dose rate, interstitial and intracavity systems, national and international criteria, radiation safety.

    Review of current clinical practice guidelines in brachytherapy, with a focus on ensuring high quality clinical care in a local setting.

    About this paper

    Paper title Brachytherapy Principles and Practice
    Subject Radiation Therapy
    EFTS 0.25
    Points 30 points
    Teaching period(s) Semester 1 (Distance learning)
    Semester 2 (Distance learning)
    Domestic Tuition Fees ( NZD ) $3,103.25
    International Tuition Fees Tuition Fees for international students are elsewhere on this website.
    RADX 403
    Limited to

    Suitable for Radiation Therapy graduates and health professional graduates with experience in the relevant field of healthcare.

    Teaching staff

    To be confirmed

    Paper Structure

    This paper is structured around a series lectures, tutorials and student led presentations.

    Teaching Arrangements

    This Distance Learning paper is taught remotely. 

    Textbooks are not required for this paper.
    Graduate Attributes Emphasised
    Global perspective, interdisciplinary perspective, lifelong learning, scholarship, communication, critical thinking, cultural understanding, ethics, environmental literacy, information literacy, research, self-motivation, teamwork.
    View more information about Otago's graduate attributes.
    Learning Outcomes
    On the completion of this paper the successful student will be able to
    • Define the main terms and fundamental principles in brachytherapy
    • Describe the historical development of brachytherapy
    • Discuss the radiation safety issues pertinent to brachytherapy
    • Review the traditional implantation and pre-computerised dose calculation methods for intracavitary and interstitial systems
    • Describe computerised brachytherapy treatment planning and the role of imaging in brachytherapy planning
    • Critically review the role of brachytherapy in the treatment of gynaecological malignancies and evaluate local practices with respect to national and international criteria
    • Discuss the use of interstitial brachytherapy in some common treatment sites


    Semester 1

    Teaching method
    This paper is taught through Distance Learning
    Learning management system

    Semester 2

    Teaching method
    This paper is taught through Distance Learning
    Learning management system
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