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Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago

Applications for study at Te Ao Rongomaraeroa: National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies are currently paused while a consultation on its future curriculum takes place. Information on study options will be updated in late August, 2023.


The Master of Arts (MA) in Peace and Conflict Studies and Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MPCS) are inter-disciplinary programmes providing advanced qualifications in peace and conflict studies, development and peace building. They focus on the sources of social and political violence and war at local, national and international levels and how these might be prevented, managed and transformed in more peaceful directions.

These courses will address the challenges of maintaining a peaceful multicultural Aotearoa New Zealand, while imbedding wider discussions    in terms of New Zealand's place in the South West Pacific and South East and East Asian regions.  The Centre is dedicated to combining theory, research and practice so students going through these courses can choose to specialise in courses that lead either to practitioner and or research roles.

The MA and MPCS programmes are theoretically informed, practically and policy oriented. They offer opportunities for independent research and experience in collaborative problem-solving. The programmes   will enhance understanding of theory, methodology, ethical procedures, practical analytic and intervention skills,  data collection, evidence based analysis and writing within the area of peace and conflict studies.


See the full list of Peace and Conflict Studies (PEAC) papers.


PEAC papers

Paper Code Year Title Points Teaching period
PEAC502 2024 Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution Theory 30 Not offered in 2024
PEAC503 2024 Conflict Resolution Practice 30 Not offered in 2024
PEAC504 2024 Development and Peacebuilding 30 Not offered in 2024
PEAC505 2024 Peace Education 30 Not offered in 2024
PEAC506 2024 Special Topic: Peace Traditions of Aotearoa New Zealand 30 Not offered in 2024
PEAC507 2024 Critical Terrorism Studies 30 Semester 1
PEAC508 2024 Psychology of Peace and Conflict 30 Not offered in 2024

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