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Otago's Master of Planning (MPlan) degree is recognised nationally and internationally for professional excellence. It contains exciting and flexible study options, leading to excellent employment opportunities.

Planners play a major role in the decision-making processes of government, local government and private enterprise.  Planners assess the impacts of proposals, develop policy, help articulate important community values, and play an ongoing role in monitoring and evaluating new policies and developments.  They may be involved in the management of marine, water, air and land resources, the development in urban and rural areas, conservation of natural resources, protection of indigenous peoples' values, heritage protection, and the social impacts of change.

The two-year degree incorporates both course work and research. Students with degrees in Arts, Science, Law and Commerce may apply for admission to the programme.


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PLST papers

Paper Code Year Title Points Teaching period
PLAN411 2024 Planning Theory 20 Not offered in 2024
PLAN412 2024 Spatial Planning and Development 20 Not offered in 2024
PLAN435 2024 Planning Case Study I 20 Full Year
PLAN438 2024 Planning Practice 20 Not offered in 2024
PLAN535 2024 Planning Case Study II 20 Full Year
PLAN590 2024 Planning Project 50 Full Year

PLAN papers

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