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Friday 3 July 2015 12:53pm

Two EDOR PhD students working on the SWIFT study, have been interviewed for Radio NZ's Our Changing World series.  The segment includes comments from Canterbury dairy farmer Geoff Keeling, who is experiencing some of the benefits of being on the study.

SWIFT stands for Support strategies for Whole-food diets, Intermittent fasting and Training, and includes several diet and exercise options which study participants choose for themselves.  Varying levels of support are available to help people adhere to their chosen plan.

Dr Melyssa Roy is a PhD student with the Department of Medicine, and is also a medical doctor. She reports that the high interval intensity training, or HIIT, is proving a popular choice for the physical exercise component, as it takes up less time.

Michelle Jospe, a PhD student with the Department of Human Nutrition and a registered dietitian, describes some of the diet options, as well as the strategies to help with weight loss such as hunger training and an app to track food intake.

Key aspects of the SWIFT study are to support people who want to make healthy life-style changes, and finding the best strategies that help maintain these healthy patterns in their daily lives.

Hear the interview about the SWIFT study

Losing Weight and Getting Healthy - the SWIFT Study, with Alison Ballance, Our Changing World, Radio NZ, 2 July, 2015 (14min, 55sec)

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