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Senior Professional Practice Fellow
Department of Pathology (Dunedin)
BSc MBBS MD (pathology-vocational)
Research summary
Molecular medicine and pathology with special interest in chronic rhinosinusitis, liver diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, cancer biology and brain disorders
Human pathology, gross, microscopic, and surgical pathology, forensic medicine, medical laboratory science and medical education
NZ Medical Sciences Council
Rhinology, cancer biology, gastro-intestinal diseases, liver, and brain pathology.


Apart from my research publications on various topics included in the bibliography below, I am enrolled in a part-time PhD programme in Surgery researching disease severity in early and late chronic rhinosinusitis(CRS), with the University of Auckland. Currently, I am doing my research at the Otago School of Medicine, remotely.


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Hadden, P. W., Gokul, A., Amirapu, S., Kurian, R., McGhee, C. N. J., & Zhang, J. (2023). Confocal and electron microscopic structure of the cornea from three species of penguin. Vision, 7, 4. doi: 10.3390/vision7010004 Journal - Research Article

Aghababaie, Z., Cheng, L. K., Paskaranandavadivel, N., Avci, R., Chan, C.-H. A., Matthee, A., Amirapu, S., … Angeli-Gordon, T. (2022). Targeted ablation of gastric pacemaker sites to modulate patterns of bioelectrical slow wave activation and propagation in an anesthetized pig model. American Journal of Physiology: Gastrointestinal & Liver Physiology, 322, G431-G445. doi: 10.1152/ajpgi.00332.2021 Journal - Research Article

van Breugel, S. J., Quinn, L., Holtkamp, H., Araquel-Lacamiento, A., Amirapu, S., Srinivasa, K. K., … Aguergaray, C. (2022). Needle probe for accurate prostate cancer diagnosis: Results on fresh biopsy cores. Proceedings of the Conference on Lasers & Electro-Optics (CLEO). JW3B.151. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE. [Full Paper] Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Full paper

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