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The University as a Public Sector body follows strict rules around contracting for supplies, services and works as defined by The Government Procurement Rules.

The Government Procurement Rules via the Government's procurement website

While the University has based its procurement policies and procedures on these rules, it should be understood that compliance with these rules is not presently mandatory for the University.

Where appropriate, Procurement make use of All of Government contracts, syndicated contracts and common capability contracts. These are intended to help streamline our cost of procurement and make things easier for the University and suppliers who were successfully appointed to these contracts.

How to become a supplier to New Zealand Government via the Government's procurement website

Visit Information for suppliers for more information about tendering, procurement contracts and policy.

University policies and procedures

Otago has a number of policies that govern our procurement activities. You should download and familiarise yourself with these policies before responding to any requests for quotation or tender.

Procurement Office

The University of Otago Procurement Office coordinates with departments and stakeholders to ensure the procurement process complies with the procurement policies, purchasing framework and in line with the New Zealand Government Procurement Rules. Our work includes procurement planning, market research, engaging with suppliers, evaluating responses in concert with the respective University departments, contract negotiation and award, and assisting with resulting contract management functions.

The Procurement Office members each have an area of responsibility and are charged with developing category based strategies along with developing strategic supplier relationships within their specific areas of responsibility (category management). These members are responsible for awarding contracts either as a result of an open tender, selective and/or sole source tender for high value.

Our purchasing framework

The University applies the following framework to determine the appropriate purchase procedure relative to the items being purchased and their value. For purchase less than $100,000 (NZD) and where no existing contract exists, staff will follow the below framework:

Purchase value Purchasing method Purchasing option
<$5,000 Petty cash University Contracted Supplier
P-card Appropriate market analysis
Approved Supplier invoice
Purchase Order (Finance One or Marketsite)
$5,000–$100,000 Purchase Order (Finance One or Marketsite) University Contracted Supplier
Approved Supplier invoice Minimum of three written quotes
P-card (up to limit defined under P-card policy) Formal tender (if appropriate)
>$100,000 Purchase Order (Finance One) University Contracted Supplier
Market evaluation via tender process

University Contracted Supplier (approved suppliers)

Approved supplier agreements are established by the Procurement Office for commonly purchased goods and services. The selection of Approved suppliers is consistent with the University's Procurement Policy. Establishing these arrangements is generally done as a result of the utilisation of the NZ Govt AoG Contract Programme, other Syndicated or Collaborative Contracts or via a formal Request for Tender or Request for Proposal process conducted by the University.

Supply chain purchasing

Purchase orders for the purchase of goods and/or service by the University are now administered by the Supply Chain (Purchasing) team and can be contacted at:


Purchase Order

Unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed, in general, we will send you a purchase order before you can supply the required goods or services and we must be in receipt of the supplied goods and/or services before you send us an invoice. You should not process an order until you have a received an official university purchase order either directly from the University Purchasing Team or via the University's e-commerce partner: Unimarket.

Upon receipt of a Purchase Order please confirm all pricing and the delivery date by contacting the buyer listed on the Purchase Order.

All purchase orders issued by us have standard terms and conditions and will apply to all University purchases unless there is an otherwise agreement of the terms and conditions through the completion of an overarching contract document.

University of Otago Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions (PDF)

All purchase orders issued by us have standard terms and conditions and will apply to all University purchases, unless there is an otherwise agreement of the terms and conditions through the completion of an overarching contract document.

How to Invoice against your Purchase Order

Be sure that your invoiced items match those on the Purchase Order. If the quantities differ, or if lines on a purchase order have been combined on your invoice, the transaction will require additional research which may cause a delay in payment. Furthermore, invoices which do not display a valid University of Otago Purchase Order number will be returned unpaid.

Submit invoices directly to the Accounts Payable Office preferably via e-mail following the instructions below. Sending invoices to campus departments will delay the payment as it adds additional steps to the payment process.

  1. Create an email to
  2. Attach invoice as PDF. If the invoice is multi-pages, include all pages in one attachment
  3. Only one invoice can be accepted per email. If more than one invoice is attached to an email or if more than one invoice is included in a single PDF this will cause delays in payment
  4. In the subject line of the email, please only include the Purchase Order number

The invoice will then be scanned and loaded into our financial system. All invoices must clearly state the relevant purchase order number reference.

If you are transacting via Unimarket, please submit your invoice for payment back through this channel. Otherwise please email your invoice to the Accounts Payable Office.

Becoming a supplier

Once it has been confirmed that the University wishes to trade with a new supplier, we will need to gather some basic information (for new suppliers) to allow a creditor record to be established within our financial system including: address details, GST Number (if registered), contact, and remittance details. The purchasing office will contact you and request the completion of an online form to capture these details.

If a staff member may, through their employment with the University, have, or be perceived to have, the opportunity to unfairly benefit themselves or some other party related to them they must follow the University's Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

All initial unsolicited enquiries to supply goods or services to the University should be sent to the Procurement Team:


Approaches made directly to the University do not guarantee an opportunity to supply as staff must always use existing contracts where these exist. Open and competitive tender opportunities for high value tenders are advertised on GETS – Government Electronic Tenders Service.

GETS website

Health and safety for contractors

The University is committed to providing a safe campus. Contractors are also bound by our Health and Safety Complicance policy.

Health and Safety Compliance policy

COVID‑19 vaccination requirement for contractors

From 10 January 2022, the University of Otago will require full COVID‑19 vaccination or a valid exemption for anyone entering our campus (all land and buildings owned or occupied or for the time being controlled by the University of Otago anywhere in New Zealand) or premises (those parts of our campuses which are part of a building or an enclosed space).

This mandate applies to our contractors (including suppliers), and we will be in touch before that date to indicate how contract staff can have their My Vaccine Pass validated in our systems.

Once validated in our system, contractors and suppliers will not have to show their pass except at a few locations on our campuses, which will include cafes.

Please note that contractors and suppliers who are entering our buildings where health services are taking place are required under the Government's Public Health Order to provide more information than the My Vaccine Pass contains.

If you have questions, please contact our Occupational Health and Safety team:


Scam: Fraudulent Purchase Orders

From time to time, scams are targeting our existing and potential suppliers of goods to the University of Otago, as well as other Universities and businesses in New Zealand. Suppliers will receive an email requesting a quotation for goods and later a purchase order which typically instructs delivery to an address not affiliated with the University. After shipping the item/s, the supplier never receives payment and is unable to retrieve the shipped products.

If you suspect any fraudulent activity or receive a purchase order purporting to be from the University that you are not sure about, please contact the Procurement Team and we can confirm the validity of the Purchase Order:


Please take the necessary precautions so that you are not a victim of this scam. Do not attempt to call any phone numbers contained within the fraudulent emails.

More about Fraudulent Purchase Orders

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