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Clinton GoldingMA(Hons) (Auckland), DipProfEthics (Auckland), PhD (Melbourne)


About Clinton

I offer support and development for teachers and supervisors, especially for planning, evaluating and improving teaching, and teaching awards. I also offer support for postgraduate thesis students, with a special focus on structure, critical thinking, interdisciplinary research, engaging with the literature, productive writing, and planning for academic careers.

I have taught in a range of tertiary faculties including Medicine, Business, Education, Arts and Land & Environments (which includes Engineering and Architecture). Based on my expertise as an educator and facilitator, I have won several local, national and international teaching awards in Australia and New Zealand, and have been invited to develop numerous partnerships and consultancies in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore with educational, corporate, cultural and government organisations, especially in the areas of thinking, ethics and leadership.

Prior to my 2011 appointment to HEDC at the University of Otago, I was a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Graduate School of Education from 2004-2010.

Go to my website for a list of all my publications, including downloadable articles and chapters and videos of some of my presentations. You can also read my blog 'Thinking about Teaching'.


Postgraduate workshops and consultations

Thesis writing, Engaging with the literature, The research journey, Structuring a thesis, Critical thinking, Examiner practices: What thesis students need to know; and Preparing for academic careers.

Staff workshops and consultations

Reinvigorating your teaching; Planning your teaching; Cultivating thinking and clinical reasoning; Inquiry learning; Assessing thinking; Quality supervision.

Teaching awards

  • 2016 University of Otago Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 2011 Australian Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2011 University of Melbourne Citation for outstanding contributions to building Graduate Attributes: Building knowledge across disciplines
  • 2010 Australian citation for outstanding contribution to student learning
  • 2009 University of Melbourne Barbara Falk Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2008 Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Teaching Excellence Award

Research interests

My research takes a philosophical interdisciplinary approach to issues of teaching, learning and research. My research specialisms include education for thinking, educational theory and philosophy of education, teaching and learning methods, philosophical education, teacher support and development, and the nature of disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and research. See my publications for more specific examples.


I welcome proposals from suitable candidates from any discipline and who are interested in educational theory or who want to research education for thinking - for example, clinical reasoning, thinking like a teacher, inquiry or critical thinking. I am also open to supervise postgraduates in any area related to my research interests.

Current students

  • Joy Rudland – PhD, Eustress in Medical Education

Past students

  • Salmah Kassim – PhD (2020), The impact of international experiences on women's career development
  • Stu Hayes – PhD (2020), Tourism Education
  • Rachel Tan – PhD (2019), The impact of globalisation on an emerging research university in a developing country
  • Kim Brown – PhD (2018), Peer learning for postgraduate research students
  • Mary Furnari – PhD (2018) Reflecting on culture in medicine: Second-year medical students' online discussions
  • Swee Kin Loke – PhD (2018) Explaining how students can learn the dispositional components of physical world action by performing virtual world actions
  • Rebecca McDiarmid – MHEd (2016) Exploring the development of reflective writing in student nurses
  • Rebecca Fraser – MClinEd (2016) Teaching Psychiatric formulation: Making explicit the clinical reasoning used by psychiatrists
  • Althea (Alfie) Blakey – PhD (2016) Cultivating student thinking and values in medical education: What teachers do, how they do it, and who they are
  • Sharon Sharmini – PhD (2015) Assessing publication-based theses
  • Lai Kuen Chong – PhD (2013) How Are Teachers' Pedagogic Practices and Students' Learning Influenced by What They Know about Teaching for Metacognition?
  • Barbara Munro – MEd (2012) Developing thinkers in English for Academic Purposes
  • Paul Nugent – MEd (2009) Interpreting Thinking Routines
  • Selena Prior – MEd (2008) Multidimensional Thinking
  • Augustine Goh – MEd (2005) The role of critical thinking in social studies assessment
  • Cynthia Lim – MEd (2005) Teaching for Transfer in a Thinking Curriculum: perspectives of legal educators


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Hayes, S., Tucker, H., & Golding, C. (2020). Exploring ‘deep learning’ during an international tourism field school. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, 26, 100229. doi: 10.1016/j.jhlste.2019.100229 Journal - Research Article

Rudland, J. R., Golding, C., & Wilkinson, T. J. (2020). The stress paradox: How stress can be good for learning. Medical Education, 54(1), 40-45. doi: 10.1111/medu.13830 Journal - Research Article

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Wald, N., & Golding, C. (2020). Why be a head of department? Exploring the positive aspects and benefits. Studies in Higher Education, 45(11), 2121-2131. doi: 10.1080/03075079.2019.1578736 Journal - Research Article

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