Kacy cosgroveKacy Cosgrove
BASc Chinese and Chemistry

Living for a time in Singapore, Kacy Cosgrove loved languages but was also intrigued by all things science. Because she couldn't choose, she embarked on a five-year double degree, comprising both Chinese and Chemistry.

Two years into her double degree, Kacy became aware of a brand new programme, the Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc). She transferred to the programme because it “takes less time than is required for a double degree”, meaning she would complete a year sooner than she had planned.

Being able to major in one specialist subject from each of Arts and Sciences allows Kacy to obtain a more personalised degree, which both helps to ensure she enters the workforce sooner and, more importantly, means she will stand out from fellow job candidates.

“I now have the ability to mix sciences and humanities together, and bridge the gap between humans and technology.”

Because it is a new programme, Kacy spent some time in the safe hands of Otago University's course advisers, who have “been really amazing, they talk it all through with you and help you out with your specific needs.”

Living in Dunedin meant Otago University was a natural choice of university for Kacy, and although she considered other options for a while, she chose Dunedin because “it is just so unique as a student city. There really is no other university like it.”

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