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Category Research
Type Guideline
Approved by Council, 12 November 1996
Date Guideline Took Effect 1 January 1997
Last approved revision 13 April 2021
Sponsor Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)
Responsible officer Dean, Graduate Research School

Please note that compliance with University Guidelines is expected in normal circumstances, and any deviation from Guidelines – which should only be in exceptional circumstances – needs to be justifiable.


The University recognises the importance of providing appropriate resources for graduate research candidates to enhance the quality of their training.

The purpose of these guidelines is to define appropriate resources in this context and to ensure that these resources can be made available before a graduate research candidate is accepted.

Organisational scope

These guidelines apply University-wide.


  1. Prior to either (a) accepting a graduate research candidate or (b) approving a major change of topic and/or methodology during candidature, the Department/School concerned should assess the feasibility of the proposed research project in terms of the resources likely to be required for the successful completion of the project.
  2. The acceptance of a graduate research candidate represents the Department's/School's commitment to support the candidate's research project by providing the following resources:
    1. access to appropriate resources to undertake the candidate's research project (for example: equipment, materials, facilities, and funding for fieldwork or data collection or other activities considered essential to the successful completion of the project);
    2. an appropriately equipped working and quiet study/writing space, including secure storage;
    3. after-hours access to departmental facilities, provided both safety and security requirements are met;
    4. access to appropriate computing resources;
    5. access to e-mail and appropriate internet communications;
    6. access to library facilities including interloans and database searching;
    7. access to a telephone; and
    8. for doctoral candidates, support to present at one major international conference at least (each Division is required to establish a policy about the level of support), in addition to support from Departments and Divisions to attend other conferences where appropriate and feasible. The provision of support should consider benefits to the candidate's professional and career development, but also take into account sustainability principles.
    9. comments by doctoral candidates and their supervisors on the adequacy and level of support received shall be included in their annual progress reports.
  3. Comments by doctoral candidates and their supervisors on the adequacy and level of support received shall be included in their annual progress reports.


  1. The resources referred to in this policy do not include human resources such as supervisory knowledge and skills. These human resources are covered by separate regulations and policies.
  2. The University encourages candidates and their supervisors to apply for funding from other sources to support appropriate aspects of their research projects. Irrespective of the funding source, however, Departments and Schools remain accountable for ensuring that (i) appropriate resources are provided and (ii) students are informed about where and how to access the resources.
  3. Where circumstances beyond the direct control of the student, supervisor and Department/School necessitate an alteration of the research project's cost structure, the Department/School is responsible for ensuring that the project continues to be appropriately resourced.

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