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Did you know that your departmental or research servers and storage can be hosted within the ITS data centres?

What ITS server hosting offers

  • Your physical or virtual servers are hosted in centralised ITS data centres and are accessible from all University of Otago campuses. Virtual servers can also be run in satellite ITS data centre facilities in Christchurch and Wellington on request (requests are reviewed by ITS data centre specialists to ensure the best possible solution).
  • Your physical or virtual servers are kept secure with clean power, generators, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), air conditioning, networking, monitoring, and backups all provided for you, and with seismic and fire risks mitigated.
  • ITS provides highly available virtualisation and storage environments for your virtual servers that run across our data centres, with virtualisation failover, data replication, and disaster recovery software in place.
  • The ITS data centres are regularly audited and all supporting infrastructure is routinely tested and maintained.

Server hosting service choices

ITS provides a range of three different hosting services which means you can choose the system administration model that best suits your department. You can:

  1. physically locate your server(s) in our data centres and manage them yourself. This is called 'co-location'.
  2. have one or more virtual servers created for you in the ITS 'private cloud' virtual server farms and manage them yourself.
  3. have one or more ITS virtual servers created for you in the ITS 'private cloud' virtual server farms, and delegate the management of your servers and software to our ITS data centre specialists.

How to apply for server hosting

Please contact ITS if you are interested in having your physical or virtual servers hosted in the ITS data centres.

What are the costs for server hosting?

Please see the ITS Service Charges document (.pdf, 284KB) for the current charges for this service.

More information about server hosting

Download the Hosting-Colocation Table (.pdf, 243KB) for more detail about server hosting options and what services are covered.

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