Aviation emissions: hard to abate, or hard to manage? Seminar presented by Robert McLachlan

Public, Postgraduate students, Staff
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Seminar, Online
Centre for Sustainability

At COP26, New Zealand joined the "International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition", committing to preparing 'ambitious and concrete' plans to reduce aviation emissions.

New Zealand has very high aviation emissions by international standards and proven ability to increase them rapidly. However, many industry participants are now adopting “Net Zero 2050” targets.

We examine the proposed industry pathways including more efficient aircraft, operational efficiencies, new technology aircraft, sustainable aviation fuel including bio- and e-fuels, as well as market based measures such as emissions trading schemes, carbon budgets, and passenger levies. While industry pathways are extremely challenging, the picture is changing rapidly, and we are in a critical period for choosing our future direction.

About the speaker

Robert McLachlan is a doctoral supervisor at the School of Mathematics and Computational Sciences, Massey University.

Robert studied at Canterbury and Caltech and has worked at the University of Colorado at Boulder and ETH Zurich. He writes on climate and the environment at planetaryecology.org

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Zoom link: https://otago.zoom.us/j/97964601170
Password: 532120, Dunedin

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